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Club Newsletter 2015




Chairman’s letter to all members.




Welcome to the 2015 season with WTC.


Over the Winter we have been heeding the call from the LTA to be more innovative in the way that we approach membership at our club. The Committee has been reviewing all aspects of the club, and has come up with some new ideas that meet the objectives agreed at last year's AGM, but also move the club forward in meeting the needs of all players looking to get their tennis fix at Wakefield Tennis Club.


We all know that we are the premier tennis club in Wakefield. We have the best facilities, the best courts, the best players, and now we feel that we have the best membership scheme and the best social tennis plan to make us even more attractive to both existing members and those that will consider joining us in 2015.


To improve social tennis, and to make it more appealing to the widest cross section of the club, we will be introducing a computer controlled peg board system. The aim is to produce the most balanced sets possible given the players that are available to play. The Committee has seen a demonstration of the system, and it produced some mouth watering matches so we are really excited about launching the system at the start of the season.


Having a membership scheme that meets the needs of the widest cross section of players must be the most sensible plan for us to pursue. It makes business sense, and in a world where we are all short of time, it allows us to offer the type of tennis that our members wish to play in the time that they have available.


If an existing member renews membership before 28th February 2015, then basic membership will only cost £85 for the 2015/16 season. Basic membership will entitle you to use of the courts using your own tennis balls (providing the courts are not required for social tennis) and team practice sessions on Monday evenings. You will also be eligible to play league matches for the club, for which match fees will also be payable, and to enter the singles Box Leagues, which also have an entrance fee.


Social tennis, controlled by our new computerised peg board system, will be available for an additional £35. The club will continue to provide controlled but free ball usage for all social tennis matches for members who take this package. This also entitles you to enter club tournaments and Winter Social Tennis following payment of the appropriate entrance fee.


Please note the 28th February deadline for the most attractive membership rate. Should you renew in March then the fee rises to £95, and if you leave it until after the official opening date of the new season (Saturday April 4th 2015) then it rises to £105, so please get your payment in as soon as possible.


The rate for social tennis will remain at £35 so no matter when you purchase it in the season, the cost will be the same.


I would also like to point out there has been a change this year in the way that the club is allocated Wimbledon tickets. Although the overall number of tickets allocated to the Yorkshire LTA remains the same, the split between member clubs will be determined by the number of members who visit their individual page on the LTA website and "opt-in". This involves nothing more than ticking a box, but it has an enormous benefit for the club as we always have more members who wish to go to Wimbledon than tickets allocated to us.


If you were a member of our club last season, Elizabeth will have registered you as a British Tennis Member. The LTA should then have started sending you regular emails showing your user name on the emails as well as your Membership number. Armed with this information, you should be able to opt-in, even if you have to request a change of password. If all else fails, you can phone the LTA and opt-in over the phone.


The important point is that unless you opt-in, you will not be eligible to take part in our Wimbledon draw, so please opt-in by February 14th at the latest.


As the new season approaches, we have much to look forward to. Our Wakefield League Mixed First Team will be trying to win the First Division for the fourth year in a row; our Men's First Team will be in the First Division of the Leeds League for this first time in our history, and we will be entering a new team in the Mixed Barkston Ash league.


The Box League, established in 2014, will be providing more opportunities for those who wish to play more singles.


Our Committee has some new members with lots of new ideas, and we even have a Tournament Secretary to ensure that the Tournaments run on time and, to keep Steve Cordingley happy, that the Tournament fees are paid before the matches commence !!


Finally I would encourage you to visit our website on a regular basis to keep up to date on all of the happenings at our club. Also consider joining our Facebook page "Wakefield Tennis Plus". Communication is so important, and a lot of effort is put in by the Committee to ensure that the information on these pages is up to date.


I hope that you agree with your Committee that these are positive changes for the new season. Despite a change in method, they meet the guidelines on fees agreed last year, and are fair to all members.


Please share these changes with your tennis playing friends around the area. We are keen to grow our membership, and the more members that we have the better the overall standard of tennis that we can offer, across all the levels of play.






David Burton


Club Chairman.




PS We are continuing the play throughout the Winter Season so please get in touch if you can't wait till April 4th.