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Handicap finals day July 2013


Mixed Doubles : Clive and Bev (+15) beat Adrian and Jenny (-40,-30) Score 7-5

Ladies Singles : Rebecca (-40) beat Aimee (-15) Score : 6-1

Mens Doubles : Adrian and Alex (-40) beat Adam and Lucas (+15, +30) Score 7-5

Ladies Doubles : Maria and Bev (scr) beat Sharon and Jenny (-15,scr) Score 6-0

Boys under 21 open singles Alex beat Lucas 6-0, 6-0


 Club coach Adrian about to serve a 'kicker'!



 Ladies Singles Handicap runner-up Aimee (sneaking a sip of Southern Comfort between games!)



 Alex serving in the Mens Doubles Handicap Final.



 Mixed Doubles Handicap winners... Bev and Clive.



 David....   the umpire strikes back!



 Jenny... waiting to pounce.



 Future club-champion Lucas.



 Mens Doubles Handicap Final action.



 Ladies Singles Handicap winner Rebecca.



 Sharon and Maria... before facing each other in the Ladies Doubles Handicap Final.