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Leeds Winter Tennis League


Wakefield Tennis Club have again secured a place within the Leeds Mixed Winter League so that interested members can continue to play competitive tennis throughout the year; the standard is similar to Wakefield division one.

Matches take place indoors at Leeds Metropolitan University - Headingley Campus, which is about 3 miles from the centre of Leeds.

The matches start in September and there are between 5 and 7 matches before Christmas, and similar after. The top two teams at Christmas get promoted, the bottom two teams get demoted.

Matches are played on Mondays / Wednesday (exact dates below), and they start at 8 p.m. The centre closes at 10 p.m.

Match fees are £8.50 per person which is pretty good for around two hours of indoor tennis in winter. The fee is payable to the captain at the tennis centre on arrival. Balls for "home" matches are provided by Wakefield Tennis Club and are to be returned to the club for social play.

You don’t need to commit to playing in all matches, but if you feel that you’d like at least some involvement please put your name forward to the captain - Lione.

Order of play:

Mixed A v Mixed A - - - Mixed B v Mixed B

Men v Men - - - Ladies v Ladies

Mixed A v Mixed B - - - Mixed B v Mixed A

Two points are scored for each set won, unfinished sets result in each team getting one point each so the match score could be 12-0 / 11-1 / 10-2 etc. The points are then added up and the team with the most points wins two match points or one match point each in the case of a draw.

Tie breaks are at 5 all.


Leeds Winter Tennis League division 1

Leeds Winter Tennis League division 2

Leeds Winter Tennis League division 3


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The Leeds League Winter Division will operate during the period September 2013 to April 2014, at the Carnegie Regional Tennis Centre, Headingley Campus, Leeds LS6 3QS.

The format for this season is as follows:

  • Teams consist of 4 players (2 men and 2 ladies), playing one men’s doubles rubber, one ladies doubles and four mixed doubles. Captains should ensure that have 4 players on match night, as it is very disappointing for both teams if insufficient players arrive.
  • Each team must consist of members of that particular club (although other players may be brought in to ‘make up’ the team in certain circumstances).
  • Any players playing for more than 1 club will cause the 2nd club to concede the fixture 12-0.
  • The League will comprise 16 teams in a 2 Division format.  There will be promotion and relegation of 2 teams from each Division at Christmas and Easter.
  • Each team has a match once every 2 weeks.  Matches will be played on Monday & Wednesday evenings 8 – 10pm.
  • On a match night Team Captains are responsible for the payment of £24 for their team.  Under payment will result in interruption of the match by the Sports Centre staff and any additional monies to be collected.  Any missing players must be paid for on that match night (£6 per person) by the Team Captain.
  • Players when accessing the centre must pay their match fee of £6. They will be issued a receipt, which they should give to the Team Captain. If there are not 4 receipts per team, after the 1st round of matches, the Team captain MUST go to reception and pay the outstanding money. It must be after 1st round of matches, as the Centre can not accept payment after 9.30pm.
  • New balls (3 or 4 /court) to be provided by the ‘home’ team (ie first named team).
  • The result of each fixture must be inputted via the Leeds Tennis website within 48 hours of that fixture, by both Team captains.  All player names and pairings must be stated along with the scores from each rubber.  Captains should use a score sheet on the night and retain this as a paper record, so correct names & scores can be entered later.
  • Result reporting and verification will be the responsibility of Team Captains using the LTA League Planner software.  Every club will be issued with a Log in and password.
  • Team Captains will be responsible for the inputting of results and player details.  Ideally player names and British Tennis membership numbers should be recorded. Any results reported with false names or missing scores will cause the match to be declared void.
    Results and League tables can be accessed via the Leeds Tennis website
  • Entry fee of £80 per team has been paid by Wakefield Tennis Club to cover administration and a pre-payment to reserve the courts.  This is not refundable as it is paid to secure the courts.

Please note that if a club fails to turn up for a match, the club will be required to pay for the court hire (£48).  The club will be billed for the unpaid court hire & this will be paid to the Leeds Tennis League.