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Wimbledon Ticket Ballot

We have secured the following pairs of tickets for Wimbledon this year - 

Centre Court - Mon 24/6/13 - Day One £90;

Centre Court - Sat 29/6/13 - Day Six £148;

Court One - Mon 24/6/13 - Day One £80;

Court One - Friday 5/7/13 - Day 11 £68;

Court Two - Thurs 27/6/13 - Day Four £88;


If you are interested in applying for these tickets then please see the noticeboard at the Club.

You must be a paid up member of the Club for 2013 and registered as a British Tennis Member to enter the ballot.  It is open to all members of the club over the age of 8.

The ballot will be drawn on Tuesday 30th April and all tickets must be paid for by 17th May.

A member may only win one pair of tickets in the ballot, and you will need to sign a declaration confirming that you will not sell the tickets to a third party or you risk our future allocation.