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American Tournament Result - 20th April 2013

Thanks to everyone that supported this event.  We made a profit of £170 and these are much needed funds for the club.

Group One

Men: 1st Adrian W; 2nd Richard M;

Ladies: 1st Della M; 2nd Sharon W;


Group Two

Men: 1st Geoff P; 2nd Plamen Y;

Ladies: 1st Jenny K; 2nd Lucas W*, Liz K


Group Three

Men: 1st Alex W; 2nd Adrian P;

Ladies: 1st Steve L*; 2nd Ann K;


Final Group

Men: 1st Adrian W; 2nd Geoff P, Alex W

Ladies: 1st Jenny K; 2nd Steve L*


Congratulations to Adrian and Jenny on winning this prestigious event.  A large bar of chocolate was presented to each of the winners by the Chairman. Thanks to Steve L, who graciously declined a play-off for the Ladies Title to ensure a genuine Ladies winner.


* - Honourary Ladies for the day